Miura’s hydroculture plants had been in the Japanese market for decades and, although hydroculture originated in Europe some 40 years ago, Miura’s name is today synonymous with hydroculture in Japan.

COCH International, on the other hand, had been in the business of exporting handicraft and ceramic giftware from the Philippines, and importing ceramics and glass products from foreign sources, and it became one of Miura’s suppliers.

It was this business relationship between Miura and COCH which gave birth to the idea of introducing, for the first time, the concept of hydroculture as well as its plants to the Philippine market. As explained on our homepage, the advantages of hydroculture far surpass those of geoponic (soil) culture. And so with the launching of Miura soilless plants in the Philippines, we now have a better alternative to traditional soil-based plants under the brand name Miura Hydroculture Plants.

Awards Received

2009 Consumers’ Choice Awardee
Consumers’ League of the Philippines